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Bowling Lane Bartop

The Project: A bartop, made from a bowling lane. The Drink: Bob Ross Did It (Barrel Aged Scotch Ale) The Pairing: No longer in production, you might be able to find one at a small, hometown bar somewhere in ... Illinois?

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Miller Lite Plumbing

The Project: Dust collection plumbing The Drink: Miller Lite The Pairing: Nothing like a cheap, lite, American, mass-produced beer to choke down while doing some plumbing. Plumbers butt optional. I added a Dust Collection (DC) system to my shop this

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Spotted Cow Caddy

The Project: Beer Caddy and Beer Flight gifts The Drink: Spotted Cow The Pairing: It'd be pretty dumb to pair a beer caddy with anything but a nice, tasty beer, right? Only available in Wisconsin, the Spotted cow is a

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